World News – USA – SERIES A: Shaky Sassuolo receives the improvement from Benevento on Friday


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Sassuolo and Benevento both started the season with an all-out attack and also conceded a lot, but have contained it lately.

The Neroverdi still only lost one game, but their 0-0 draw against 10-man Roma was another example of players running out of steam due to injuries and COVID.

Pippo Inzaghis Streghe stabilized the ship by remaining undefeated in three rounds and climbing to midfield.

It is the first time that Benevento has made three series in a row without defeat.

Sassuolo has four clean sheets in the last five games, as many as in the last 28 Serie A games. .

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World news – USA – SERIE A: Shaky Sassuolo receives improvement from Benevento on Friday
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