World News – USA – « The Masked Singer » reveals the identity of broccoli: Here is the star under the mask


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SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen season 4, episode 9 of « The Masked Singer, » which aired in November, read no further. 26 on Fox.

Paul Anka is grateful for his time on The Masked Singer, despite being the latest celebrity to be revealed in the successful competition series. During a special Thanksgiving broadcast, Anka was exposed as broccoli. (Scroll down to see Anka’s reveal from the episode. )

Anka said « The Masked Singer » is the perfect opportunity for him to perform during the COVID-19 pandemic and to take a break from recording his latest album, which he is currently producing for release next year.

« I was really locked in a studio and with COVID-19, obviously without socializing or getting out, » Anka told Variety. « After talking to my son and girlfriend and some of the staff, I said, yes, I have to get out of here and I think it would be great fun. ”

Robin Thicke was the only one among the panellists to find out it was Anka, but for good reason: As fellow Canadians in the entertainment industry, Anka and Thicke already knew each other.

« It’s a pretty close community, » said Anka, who also knew Thicke’s late father, Alan Thicke. “From Bill Murray to Wayne Newton, there was a great variety of guesswork. I suspected Robin would find out because I didn’t really change my voice that much, other than move a lot. I’m not guessing that many people watching or even sitting on the panel have ever seen me in person, except maybe Robin. ”

Nicole Scherzinger suspected Wayne Newton, Ken Jeong thought it was Ringo Starr, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg’s suspicion was Neil Sedaka, and guest discussant Jay Pharoah suspected Paul Simon.

Anka sang as Broccoli for his last gig « Old Time Rock & Roll » by Bob Seger &, the Silver Bullet Band. In earlier episodes he also sang « House Is Rockin » / « Whole Lotta Shakin ‘Going On » by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jerry Lee Lewis and « Hello » by Lionel Richie.

« That was the point to have fun and a lot of exercise, » Anka said of the mostly fast numbers. « By putting in the energy and songs that I don’t normally do, I felt like it might throw them off a bit. ”

« I’ve been in the flow, I don’t exist with expectations, most things in life, » he said. “So I just took part. I think I went further than I honestly thought. I wasn’t really ready to wear a costume for three weeks, but these costumes are amazing. I think the big challenge for a lot of fans is that these costumes are amazing. ”

He admitted that the costumes and the technology took some getting used to. « I’m an old school guy in the sense that there are no tricks, » he said. « I have no ears and I work in a certain way. And I’m from the Rat Pack group and we had a certain execution when we sing. But once you put on a suit it doesn’t really fit normal, and then the heat and then the picture is very difficult because of the screen. And then you have a hand five times the size of yours. But once you get through the first [performance] and the severity of it all, then just get into it, you reach out and do it. ”

For his new album, Anka said he worked with guests like Il Divo and Olivia Newton-John. Most of all, he works with Andrea Bocelli and takes the master recording from Frank Sinatra, who sings « My Way » (which Anka wrote) to produce a new version of the song.

« When I originally wrote it for Sinatra in 1968, I had the right to have it on one of my albums, » said Anka. « I didn’t just want to do ‘My Way’ so I thought it would be interesting if I could get Bocelli and then Frank’s Masters mix it up with me with an orchestra. Technology today is amazing. You can do things like that. Me, Bocelli, Sinatra and we sing « My Way » together. Merging properly with Bocelli was a big challenge, but we did it. And it’s an exciting part of the album. ”

In the final round of Group C, Anka played « Take Me Down » from Alabama as Broccoli while the Mushroom sang « A Song for You » by Donny Hathaway.

New this season, the show’s panelists will also compete for a « Golden Ear » trophy based on their first impressions of each masked performer – and as a result, McCarthy Wahlberg topped three, while Thicke and Scherzinger did had done two points each, and Jeong so far had zero.

Scherzinger’s first impression was Bill Murray; Jeongs was Martin Short; Thickes was Bob Newhart; and McCarthy Wahlberg said Jerry Springer. Nobody took up any other point this week.

This season’s costumes include baby alien, crocodile, broccoli, gremlin, mushroom, jellyfish, whatchamacalite, lips, squiggle monster, popcorn, sun, dragon, giraffe, seahorse, snowy owl, and snake.

Previously unmasked were Lonzo Ball (Whatchamacalit), “Dr. . Elvis ”Francois (Snake), Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black (Snowy Owls), Bob Saget (Curly Monster), Wendy Williams (Lips), Mark Sanchez (Baby Alien), Brian Austin Green (Giraffe), Mickey Rourke (Gremlin) and Busta Rhymes (Dragon).

That means you have to go to the championship round. The last six are crocodile, mushroom, jellyfish, popcorn, sun, and seahorse.

Here were the other participants and their performances in week nine, “The Group C Final – The Masks Thank You”:

Song: “Unconditionally” by Katy PerryPanel suspects: Jaden Smith, Taye Diggs, The WeekndClue: “The name I’m going now wasn’t my name when I first sprouted. Voice over from a friend: “Off the record, Mushroom has always been a doer. In high school, Mushroom was class president. With a GPA greater than 4. 0. When Mushy is focused on something, Mushy goes about his hard core. Whether it’s helping disadvantaged youth or making calls for important purposes, Mushroom’s work ethic is unrivaled. « Earlier songs: » This Woman’s Work « by Maxwell; » If I could turn back the time, « suspects CherPrevious: Donald Glover, Usher, Frank Ocean, Adam Lambert, Jaden Smith

Song: « Don’t Start Now » by Dua LipaPanel suspects: Charli XCX, Kylie Jenner, McKayla MaroneyClue: « If you find this, you will know that I’ve never performed on a stage like this before. Sister’s voice-over: « Jellyfish have always been our family’s rebels, and in reality, she’s the high-flyer too. Despite having ticked off so many achievements, she is always eager to challenge herself in new arenas. We love to sing along with our favorite show, so I am no stranger to her beautiful voice. And with her work ethic, it’s no surprise she got this far. « Earlier songs: » Big Girls Don’t Cry « by Fergie; » Crazy « by Patsy ClinePrevious panel suspected: Gabby Douglas, Chloe Grace Moretz, Awkwafina, Sofia Richie, Lana Condor and Halle Bailey.

The masked singer, Paul Anka, Ken Jeong, Fox Broadcasting Company

World News – USA – « The masked singer » reveals the identity of broccoli: here is the star under the mask



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