World News – USA – UFO sighting: Police investigate after « big UFO » was discovered over Hawaii – « We called 911 »


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A UFO was reportedly caught in several shocking videos in the sky over Honolulu last week. The bizarre incident reportedly prompted several eyewitnesses to call emergency services.

Several videos were shot all around 8. 30 o’clock local time appears to be a glowing elongated mass clearly visible against the black sky.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials may have contributed to the scheme after it was revealed that there were no aircraft crashes or accidents nearby at the time.

However, several witnesses apparently reported that they later saw the « big blue object » fall from the sky into the Pacific.

From a video you can hear a woman say in audio: “Something is in the sky. What’s this? ”

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Shortly after 8. At 10 p.m. local time, an eyewitness named Moriah discovered what an anomaly was flying over Honolulu’s Princess Kahanu Estates.

I said, « Hey. Come on look up there. See if you see what I see. « They all said yes! »

Although the 38-year-old was always skeptical of aliens visiting Earth, the light blue object fascinated her family so much that they took off in their car to follow the unidentified object.

But the chase ended abruptly less than three miles later after the object appeared to have disappeared into the ocean.

The eyewitness says in the video: “[It] landed in the water. Whatever it is. ”

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She described it as taller than a telephone pole and said she never heard it make any noise.

Moriah said, “We called 911. Because you have like a cop or someone who comes out and checks them out. ”

A Honolulu police spokesman told Hawaii News Now that they had no information about the incident.

FAA spokesman Ian Gregor has confirmed that the agency received a report from police last Tuesday evening about a possible plane in the area, “but no plane went off the radar. And no reports of overdue or missing planes. ”

The incident attracted numerous comments on comments on the video-sharing channel YouTube, with many commentators not convinced that the unidentified object in flight was of alien origin.

YouTube viewer CJ Mavrogeorge wrote, « Yup mhm, another UFO that several people saw and just an extremely blurry video because it’s not 2021 that we have amazing cameras in our phones. « . ”

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Unidentified flying object, Hawaii, O’ahu

World news – USA – UFO sighting: Police investigate after a « large UFO » was discovered over Hawaii – « We called 911  »
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