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The undertaker will close the chapter of his thirty-year career this Sunday in November. 22 at Survivor Series. After the final farewell, The Undertaker conducts more interviews and media than ever before.

« The Deadman » conducted an interview with ESPN MMA journalist Ariel Helwani on YouTube, in which he discussed various topics from the world of pro-wrestling to MMA. Among the many questions asked, Helwani asked Taker if there was a time when WCW had ever thrown at him or if he was ever interested in joining them.

The Undertaker admitted that he had a few conversations with Kevin Nash, who had already jumped ship to WCW. Nash had talked about the big payday and all that was on offer, but despite the poor creativity in WWE at the time; The Undertaker persisted for two main reasons.

The undertaker said, “There were two reasons. Obviously, I already said you know WCW already told me that I would never draw any money. You know nobody would ever pay money to see me wrestle and um, you know, that was always on the back of my mind . . . it’s in the back of my mind right now. Whenever I talk about it, I think about it. Second, there was Vince [McMahon] who gave me an opportunity. ”

« So I come from ‘you will never draw money, nobody will ever pay money to see you wrestle,’ and the most successful company in the world offers me a job and gives me the opportunity to prove that the world is wrong is and um, you know he gave me that opportunity, and then it was long before I knew what kind of friendship we would develop and how close we would get over the years, but you know there was probably Chances are I had a really significant payday to make, and you know you probably got welcomed to WWE later, but it just wasn’t on the cards for me. ”

This response from The Undertaker really shows how dedicated he was to making a name for himself. The Undertaker has carved out a niche like no other. Taker’s career spanned more than twice as many years as WCW!

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World News – USA – The Undertaker reveals why he never returned to WCW in its heyday – essentially Sports
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