World News – USA – Win or lose, there’s a lot to discover at a Celtics Bucks opener


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There’s a more than good chance the Boston Celtics won’t get off their season opener and have one of their best players in point guard Kemba Walker, but that doesn’t mean the competition is unworthy of your eyes.

While it may be a difficult task with the team as disorganized as it was last season, the Celtics treat the early part of their calendar as an evaluation period to better understand what young players are, and it’s worth it in the long run and from which the team has to deviate if it wants to compete by the end of the season.

To that end, there are a number of things to watch out for, especially the players on the pitch when the tip starts, as well as the players still on the pitch when the final buzzer is heard is.

While this may not hint at the team’s plans for short or long term rotation, it tells us a lot about which players are trusted – and which ones have yet to be done to catch up.

Similarly, the early bank substitutions will tell a similar story, albeit one more tailored to getting an idea of ​​who does well in practice, especially given the fact that the press is due the necessary pandemic may not be present logs.

In order to arrive at a more fine-grained analysis, the point guard and swing as well as the large rotations are particularly noticeable – who gets how many minutes in each of these throws can tell us whether players like Daniel Theis – or Robert Williams III – could be commercial fodder sooner than later.

Can players like Semi Ojeleye, Javonte Green and Carsen Edwards even play against an opponent of this caliber? With a quick hook for mistakes?

Or are they leaning on the mistakes in the hope that all of these returning players will have some confidence to finally contribute from the bench on both ends?

The rookies drafted in the 2020 NBA draft are also an area to watch out for – when / will they go into hiding? How long do you play?

What role do they play first and can they hack real elite NBA games with so little time to prepare for? Can Aaron hit Nesmith from beyond the arc, close to the league average? Will he stay engaged and responsive when he can’t?

And how will Payton Pritchard fare if he is swallowed by a Giannis Antetokounmpo just days after Kevin Durant stole his soul? Can he actually commit a crime if the stakes count? Is it big enough to defend well?

And as for the new veterans Tristan Thompson and Jeff Teague, similar questions need to be answered – but about age and injury instead of youth and inexperience.

Will the former Cleveland Cavalier be able to play? And does it take effect after a nine month layoff? Can Teague play the way it did last season – or will it look more like the Atlanta Hawks last season if the players really delve into defense?

While the odds are against starting the season with a win, the Celtics (and their fans) have many potential game advantages – and only a few hours left to wait for the 7:30 a.m. ET start.

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Depending on who you ask, the Boston Celtics will advance to the NBA Finals as soon as all-star point guard Kemba Walker is ready or on the verge of disaster and should act as soon as possible. and everything in between.

Obviously, all of these opinions can’t be right, so we’ve decided to put together some thoughts from some of the more astute minds focused on what to expect from the Celtics in 2020-21. We’ll start with the good news and head down the road for the bad with some notable comments from trusted analysts. . .

Little Boston Celtics’ legendary striker Larry Bird was one of the greatest ever played, shaping the modern game as a relentless competitor on both ends of the floor.

Known for both his defense and his goal, the former Celtic could set up a clinic at will and shame an opponent with trash talk to steal his soul and show the game to help out. Still, there are still doubters who consider the French Lick’s hick to be an overrated artifact of a bygone era. What if you take off the green tinted lenses?

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World news – USA – Win or lose, there is a lot to discover at a Celtics Bucks opener
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