World News – USA – WWE Clash of Champions Preview: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler vs The Riott Squad


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As with many matches featured on Clash of Champions, this match doesn’t have a long, rich history.The current WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions have only held the titles for just under a month and haven’t weren’t even friends before that This quarrel can be summed up in one sentence: « Anything you can do, I can do better »

It all started when the newly reformed Riott Squad defeated The IIconics on RAW The winning team took a title shot at Clash of Champions while the losing team had to disband Fortunately, for the Riott Squad, they won

Ruby & Liv faced overconfident Shayna Baszler in a 2v1 handicap match the following week Shayna might be a champion and a badass, but the Riott Squad proved too much for her, and she lost Much to Nia’s amusement JaxShaya may have lost, but Nia knew she could do better! Unfortunately, we’ll never know if the team would have beaten Jax the same way because Retribution showed up and ruined all the fun.

The next two weeks on RAW saw the two teams face off – and appear to defeat – Lana and Nattie, while the others watched

It was really, « Look at us! » See what we’re doing to these two? We will do this to you !! « (Poor Lana, always the jobber never the champion)

The two teams are currently on similar bases, having beaten Lana & Nattie, with Riott Squad slightly ahead, after beating Shayna

The Riott Squad works well together; They’ve been around for years Now that they’re together and on the same page they’re a formidable opponent On the other hand, while being a complete mess of a team, Nia & Shayna always seems to be able to focus his hatred for each other on his opponents when it counts It’s everyone’s game

The future of the female tag title Ok, so it’s a bit dramatic, but I’m serious In the past, female tag titles were kept for long periods of time And unfortunately, in many cases, it meant the WWE creatives had found a way to keep them off TV Don’t get me wrong, I love the IIconics, but we hardly ever got to see them wrestling with the belts All of this « we don’t defend our titles because we’re heels » schtick is getting old pretty quickly

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler has been holding the championships for barely a month If the titles change hands at Clash of Champions, it could mark a new era for titles – one where they’re actually used to bolster the tag division female Imagine! Consider, now we have the team of Lana & Nattie, Nia & Shayna and The Riott Squad Not to mention the various teams that are still down in NXT Of course Bayley and Sasha are arguing, and the IIconics do what they do, but there are enough « young » teams to do exciting things with a hot potato belt Naomi is not doing anything yet! Put her on a tag team!

The Riott Squad’s victory here too will help solidify their reunion They had a messy argument, and the way back to her teammates was tough A win, topped off with gold, might be the last thing to complete them Plus, Nia & Shayna can hate herself, but lose to the Riott Squad could make them concentrate this hatred and get their belt back The enemy of my enemy is my friend, after all It worked when they faced Sasha & Bayley; it could work again

Find out if they have any surprises in store for us Sunday night in the ThunderDome, on WWE Network, and right here at Cageside Seats

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World News – USA – WWE Clash of Champions Preview: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler vs The Riott Squad


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