World news – WATCH: Luxury vehicle goes up in flames during burnout attempt


A young driver was charged after his $ 100,000 Mercedes Benz went up in flames while performing burnouts to film him on a street in front of a crowd of onlookers.

The incident happened last Sunday on Marks Street in Chester Hill when a young driver, 25, burned out in his luxury car. However, the stunt went wrong and the AMG C63S Coupé went up in flames.

The emergency team had been called on site, but despite the efforts of the firefighters, the vehicle was destroyed while the surrounding road surface was also damaged.

A man allegedly filmed with burnouts in his $ 100,000 Mercedes-Benz was charged after the luxury car went up in flames.

The driver informed first responders that the vehicle caught fire while driving and all passengers escaped unharmed, reported 7news.

Later, after further investigation, the police discovered video footage of an alleged burnout attempt that was widespread on social media.

The view from the car and the roadside detected dangerous driving before passengers jump out of the vehicle when the engine explodes. The incident is believed to have occurred outside of a wedding.

The 25-year-old driver and owner of the car has issued a Future Court Attendance Notice for dangerous and negligent driving. He is due to appear in a local court on March 11th.

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