World news – What should you know about tennis stars’ favorite kit sponsors?


It doesn’t matter if you are a real tennis fan who is up to date with all the Great Slam results, or if you watch some excerpts of the games out of the corner of your eye while watching the Australian Open Live Stream. What cannot be overlooked, even for the tennis novice, are the exclusive items of clothing and rackets used by the top tennis players. Tennis is one of the most exclusive sports, commonly referred to as the “sport for the rich”, as is the tennis kit.

Every year as the new season starts, we see our favorite players in the latest fashionable outfits from brands that they sponsor. The biggest brands always choose the top professionals and invest a lot of money in their representation. Sponsorship is therefore an integral part of the whole tennis business, and the way a brand is represented on the court is critical to brand loyalty and a tremendous source of income for the players.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that any of the most lucrative and famous companies invested a lot in tennis. In fact, we can see most of the top tennis players with the Nike logo on their jerseys. In 2020, almost half of the top 30 women in tennis were represented by this company, and 7 of the top 30 male players.

The sums of sponsorship deals are enormous. The contract between Roger Federer, who has represented the brand for more than ten years, is priced at $ 10 million, which Nike pays him every year. The outfits that Roger Federer wears at the tournaments are fashionable and of the highest class, and Nike wants to be associated with this symbol of tennis.

However, it is not the only top star that Nike sponsors. Like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal has had a contract with this company for years, along with the best player – Serena Williams. In addition, Naomi Osaka, the 2019 WTA leader and two-time Grand Slam champion, dropped Adidas, who she represented for years, and switched to sponsoring Nike by signing a deal with the company until 2025.

It looks like Nike paid millions of dollars to be associated with tennis, which is an exclusive sport. The message behind it is as simple as the motto – just do it – wear Nike clothes and be like your favorite tennis stars.

After Nike, Adidas, the other well-known brand for sports and athletes, also sponsors many tennis players who walking around the court in their newest sports shoes. Adidas contracts with women are worth mentioning as business with women players is usually valued less than contracts with men. In 2020, Adidas represented 4 out of 30 top players. Naomi Osaka, who joined Nike after her annual deal with Adidas expired, signed a $ 8.5 million deal in 2018. Such big deals don’t happen often in female tennis, so Adidas contributed to the discussion about the gender value of the players.

Dominik Thiem and Tomas Berdych are also among the brand’s top players. Karolina Muchova, who is almost one of the 30 best tennis players, also switched to Adidas this year. Interestingly, a trained eye can catch Novak Djokovic playing in the Adidas shoes, but as he claims there is no sponsorship deal between him and the company.

Yonex is a Japanese brand that supports young athletes and also directly with tennis is associated. Many top players switch to their shoes and clubs. At the 2019 Australian Open, Yonex outperformed Wilson and Head, two other popular and well-known brands, as 27% of boys used Yonex equipment.

The company combines style with technology in equipment; Hence, it is often chosen by top players like Naomi Osaka who used their rackets as a kid. Their main goal is to make their equipment available to young athletes like Danilovic, who also used their clubs at the age of ten, and then keep these players close by. Yonex sponsors Stan Wawrinka, who continuously appears on the court with his rackets and shoes at every tournament.

These are just three of the top brands trying to establish themselves as household names in tennis. We can’t forget the sponsorship from Uniqlo, who represented both champions – Federer and Djokovic. However, right now, Nike, Adidas and Yonex are dominating the tennis industry, signing major contracts with players who wear their clothes and use their rackets.

The offerings are of great value to the brands looking for agents who are successful and professional can be associated. It is not without reason that they pay such large sums of money to the top stars. It’s not even about showing the latest collection in the square – it’s about the message the brand wants to convey and the extent to which it wants to be prestigious.

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