World news – Why Ana de Armas « had to go bald » to play Marilyn Monroe


Ana de Armas spoke about her upcoming role on Netflix ‘ »Blonde » in a recent interview with Byrdie, and revealed that she had to lose her signature brunette to get into character every day on set.

“I had to go bald every day because with the blonde wigs… [Monroe] ran different shades of blonde from gold to really platinum. So you can’t have anything dark underneath for these beautifully made wigs, so we had to go bald from my forehead to my entire head every day, ”said the 32-year-old actress“ Knives Out ”to the point of sale.

“It was three and a half hours of make-up a day. I think I actually cried the first time I saw [the wigs]. Probably because I was scared. “

De Armas took a look at her“ hairless ”head on Instagram in July 2019 with the title“ Going full 👽 before go full • 💋 ”- although she did not yet participate in the direction of Andrew Dominik at the time had confirmed flick.

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« It was a gift for me to play this role, » said De Armas, adding that it was « also very exhausting ».

« It’s been a lot of hard work playing them in what I think is a really honest way of playing them. And her life wasn’t easy because you have to go really deep into that time and what happened to her and her story and who she was and maybe you know part of her story, but it was very intense, ”she continued.

« She went through a lot of things that weren’t easy at the time – it wasn’t even going to be easy now. I was lucky to have months to prepare. We don’t normally have that luxury. « 

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De Armas debuted another dramatic hair look in January, this time with a short bob with bangs for her role in Joe and Anthony Russo’s action thriller » The Gray Man, « also due to be released this year. The cut came at the directors’ suggestion, she said.

 » I thought it would really suit her, and I made up my mind, « the star told Byrdie . « It is not a good idea or comfortable to wear wigs and the like in an action movie. I love to change, I really do. It’s cool. « 

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