World news – Why Taylor Swift’s ‘Fearless’ re-recording was worth it for her – but is it for us?


This is exactly how Taylor Swift feels about the songs she wrote and recorded over six studio albums for the Big Machine Label Group – from her self-titled debut in 2006 to « Reputation » in 2017.

After Swift, however, no deal Negotiated to buy her masters (the original recordings) from well-known music manager Scooter Braun, who bought Big Machine and its assets in 2019, she decided to go on a journey to get her music back.

« Now has Scooter has taken my life’s work and I haven’t had an opportunity to buy, « Swift wrote in a 2019 Tumblr post. » Essentially, my musical legacy is in the hands of someone who has tried to tear it down.  » (The Masters are also no longer in Braun’s hands after he reportedly sold them to a mutual fund for more than $ 300 million last year.)

A defiant Swift promised to relaunch and rewrite her entire Big Machine catalog and she begins releasing “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” on Friday, a new studio recording of her 2008 blockbuster that earned her the first of her three Grammys albums.

But apart from the six previously unreleased Tracks from the vault – including guest appearances by Maren Morris (on « You All Over Me ») and Keith Urban, who Swift opened to in the « Fearless » era – really aren’t that much new. And that’s exactly what it’s about.

Carefully staying true to the original album – including all 19 songs from the « Fearless (Platinum Edition) » from 2009 as well as their 2010 hit « Today Was a Fairytale » – all future streaming and downloading should be -Take receipts for this music straight in Taylor’s pocket.

As a business move, it’s a smart one. But with changes in arrangements and production so negligible that it’s hard to tell the difference, it’s a creative makeover for an artist who just had a radical reset with last year’s « folklore ».

But this is a project made on the principle – and no doubt Swifties will support your wife. While Swift may be the first superstar to re-record an entire album to get it back, she isn’t the first to fight for the rights to her music. Here are some other A-list acts that have taken possession of their songs: « Record deals are like – I’ll say the word – slavery, » the late legend told Rolling Stone in 2015. And he famously protested his contact with Warner Bros. Records by writing the word « slave » on his face and then changing his name to an unpronounceable symbol. After separating from the label in 1996, he finally secured ownership of all future recordings.

Jay-Z, an accomplished businessman, won ownership of his masters as a condition for signing a new contract with his then-label Def Jam. Even after he left and started Roc Nation, his masters eventually returned to his control. And now his company Tidal only broadcasts his music online.

The heavy metal gods signed a contract with the Warner Music Group in 1994, which returned the rights to all of their master recordings in 2012. Then they started their own label, Blackened Recordings, which now handles all of Metallica’s releases.

Bono and Company acquired the masters for all their work with the support of Megabucks from Live Nation, with which the band did a 12-year 2008 Signed the contract.

After Rihanna had created her own legal notice under Roc Nation in 2015, she managed to acquire the masters of all of her previous albums from her former label Def Jam. Go RiRi!

Ocean bought his Masters and bought the rest of his contract from Def Jam. He received the right to self-publish his 2016 album “Blonde”.

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