World news – Wiggles Star announces engagement


Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins has announced that she is engaged to be engaged three years after breaking up with Purple Wiggle Lachlan Gillespie.

The 31-year-old confirmed the news on Instagram Monday night, posting a picture next to musician and Wiggles bandmate Oliver Brian while showing off her engagement ring.

Watkins confirmed her romance with Brian, who plays the banjo for the group, in December 2019, telling Stellar magazine, « Yeah, I’m in love and I’m very excited to tell you. »

Watkins revealed that she and her new boyfriend had worked together for four years before taking them out for dinner and describing him as their « opposite ».

« He’s a very calm and thoughtful person, and I’ve always been interested in his sanity, outlook on life, and morals. He loves to talk about the environment and food production. »

Watkins and Gillespie’s high-profile breakup dominated headlines in August 2018, but the two have remained close friends and co-stars since their marriage collapsed.

At the time, Gillespie said they were best friends – « we’ve always been, that’s how it started. »

He said they were like any other couple, only to find out that they had reached a stalemate in their seemingly picture-perfect relationship.

« Being able to see as a couple that we have gone different paths and staying as close as possible is a real testament to both of us, » he told the publication.

Watkins told Australian Story earlier that there was a growing awareness between her and Gillespie that « romantically, it just didn’t go as our friendship went ».

He replied to Watkins’ mail Monday night with a string of purple love hearts and wrote, « I love you ».


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