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Ryo Ishikawa stretched two and turned back with 5 overs on the qualifying cut line. Tomoharu Otsuki took the lead. The second day of the domestic men's tour "Sumitomo Mitsui Visa Pacific Masters" is in progress. 7 over the first day
From the movie "The Legacy of Dr. Death -BLACKFILE-" (released on the 13th) starring actor Go Ayano and forming a buddy with actress Keiko Kitagawa as a detective, about the doctor Jack Kevokian who became the model of Doctor Death , “Ku
For hometown tax payment, hot pot sets using rare high-class ingredients from all over Japan are popular. The "Furusato Tax Payment Guide", which allows you to search across the 10 major portal sites, thoroughly investigated the reward items of the "pot set" that you can get with your hometown tax payment. Special feature
[Tokyo 9th Reuters]-SoftBank Group Corp. announced on the 9th that its consolidated net income (international accounting standards) for the April-September period of 2020 was 1,883.2 billion yen, 4.4 times the same period of the previous year. Analyst Net Income Summarized by Refinitiv
It's almost time to go to "Akita Prefecture". Between Kanizawa IC and Odate Noshiro Airport IC (Image: Noshiro River National Highway Office). Akita Prefecture and the Noshiro River National Highway Office of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism are promoting the Japan Sea Coastal Expressway Kanizawa IC-Odate Noshiro Airport
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