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“Many of these games were not safe for humans to play,” one of the show’s producers admits in a new documentary.
ESPN’s two-part film The American Gladiators Documentary explores what happened to the musclebound fighters on the show, and its mystery co-creator
Anyone who loves baseball - and New York Mets fans in particular - will want to see a new documentary that premieres Tuesday on ESPN.
WNBA star Maya Moore and her husband Jonathan Irons discuss his story, which unfolds in the new ESPN documentary "30 for 30: Breakaway".
The legal feud between Raiders owner Al Davis and the National Football League is the kind of juicy stuff that should be hard to screw up, but ESPN does just that with "Al Davis vs. the NFL" a "30 for 30" " Documentary that fumbles away a juicy premise.
"It was traditional in sport for athletes to perform in times of great personal tragedy, and football was Mr. Kennedy's game."