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Barcelona will not be starting their pre-season campaign against Juventus as, according to the club, a large part of the Blaugrana squad is suffering from viral gastroenteritis,
Lionel Messi set social media abuzz when he announced that his next destination would be the MLS to play for Inter Miami and now the fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Ar
Almost everyone in the United States of America looks forward to the Fourth of July, as they know there is an excuse for a big party in the name of patriotism. As an extremely pat
Bruce Springsteen scared stunned fans at a gig in Amsterdam as he took a tumble on stage while singing Ghosts with his E Street Band as part of his huge world tour
Bruce Springsteen's European tour, which began in Barcelona on April 28, had a stop in Amsterdam. The concert was another success for the 'Boss', but during the course of the event
Rumors of alleged romances have been swirling around Shakira ever since she arrived in Miami, where she now resides with her two sons Milan and Sasha. During the Formula 1 Miami G
Katy Perry's eccentricities are well known, both on stage and off, throughout her music career. The 38-year-old singer surprised all her fans twice, because last Sunday night ther
The signing of Erling Haaland can undoubtedly be considered an unqualified success for Manchester City's sporting management. It was a safe bet because of the performance exhibit
Curses are no stranger to the world of sport, with championship droughts and bad streaks of both teams and athletes often being attributed to paranormal situations or to other fact
With the Golden State Warriors defeating the Sacramento Kings in Game 7, we now know the full line-up for the NBA playoffs' conference semi-finals and there is a neat numerical qui