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Le Front de libération nationale corse a reconnu être derrière la vingtaine d’explosions ayant visé des résidences secondaires et des villas en construction, dans la nuit de dimanche à lundi. Aucune victime n’a été recensée.
Any huge fans of "Shrek" will have the opportunity to live like an ogre for a couple of nights because his iconic swamp home has been recreated and available on Airbnb.
This Halloween, Donkey is letting fans call Shrek's Swamp home through a collaboration with AirBnB.
Durant les vacances de l’attachant ogre vert Shrek, sa maison dans les marais est disponible à la location, explique une annonce, sérieuse, parue sur Airbnb.
Thousands of Airbnbs and other short-term rentals are expected to disappear from rental platforms as New York City begins enforcing tight restrictions.
Guests are invited to enjoy the oceanfront paradise—and hang with the superstar couple—on August 19
A chart circulated on Wednesday shows Airbnb rental revenue falling in some major U.S. cities, even as a separate set of data took issue with that.