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AEW held quite a show at Wembley Stadium for All In London. Jim Ross was there to call the first few matches, but he left when his job was done. We
The current backlash against queer and trans people, led by a vivified cultural right, may have come as a surprise to younger people who assumed their rights and protections wouldn’t backslide. For…
Now we know: The work employers and institutions have done since the murder of George Floyd has been largely cosmetic.
After an unexplained month-long absence, Bobby Lashley returned to action at a WWE live event in Cincinnati on Saturday, June 17.
John Pollock looks at the career of the Iron Sheik, new gate figures for WWE & AEW, a recap of the Magnum T.A. episode of Dark Side & more.
Singing sensation Katy Perry could say goodbye to her famous show, American Idol, after furious backlash from viewers all season.I Kissed a Girl singer received flak and remained at the centre...
The 38-year-old popstar has faced a slew of controversy and scandal this season - and now sources tell DailyMail.com that she has grown tired of dealing with the backlash from viewers.