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Actualité internationale

World News – US – Video from Project Veritas claims Ilhan Omar collected ballots ahead of poll, internet says ‘demonic cover’

The numbers don’t lie You can see my car is full All this here are mail ballots Can’t you see? Look at it...

Actualité internationale

World News – United States – Project Veritas exposes Minnesota’s ballot collection system in the Republic Electoral District of Ilhan Omar

Project Veritas uncovered suspected fraud collecting ballots in the Democratic Republic of the Congo The Minneapolis neighborhood of Ilhan Omar

Actualité internationale

World News – US – Trump calls for investigation into alleged harvest of ballots by Ilhan Omar supporters in Minnesota

President Trump called US lawyer in Minnesota to investigate alleged illegal ballot collection report by supporters of Rep Ilhan Omar in Minnesota

Actualité internationale

World News – US – What Project Veritas Claims About Ilhan Omar and Illegal Ballot Collection

Project Veritas Accused Rep Ilhan Omar's Team Engages in Illegal Money-for-Ballot System in Minneapolis