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Takeaways from the World Satellite Business Week conference in Paris, after a whirlwind of panels, meetings and more.
Navigation Technology Satellite-3 was supposed to fly in 2022, but delays to its host mission and rocket have pushed that plan back by two years.
An adventurer and a British businessman travelling with his son are among those on the Titanic sub.
Jeff Bezos engagement: Lauren Sanchez’s family, including her ex-husband Tony Gonzalez, her oldest son 21-year-old Nikko, and Tony Gonzalez’s wife October or Tobie also joined the couple. 
Billionaire Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sánchez are engaged, a source confirms to PEOPLE
The US space agency turns to a second billionaire to help put astronauts back on the lunar surface.
To develop a human landing system for the agency’s Artemis V mission to the Moon, NASA has selected Blue Origin of Kent, Washington. Through Artemis, NASA will explore more of the Moon than ever before, uncovering more scientific discoveries, and preparing for future astronaut missions to Mars.