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Plusieurs textes publiés au Journal officiel ce 1er juillet modifient çà et là les régimes indemnitaire et statutaire des sapeurs-pompiers professionnels et volontaires.
C’est un festival de textes, ce matin au JO, au profit du régime applicable aux sapeurs-pompiers : • Décret n° 2023-543 du 30 juin 2023 modifiant diverses dispositions relatives aux sapeurs-p…
In video footage captured by the body cam of a Las Vegas police officer, a bright light was captured passing through the sky, minutes before a resident called and reported spotting “aliens” in the backyard of his house. A Las Vegas Metro police officer received a call from a citizen on April 30, at around 11:50 pm in Las Vegas, Nevada before he briefly saw a bright light streak across the night sky, according to a report published by Newsweek.
The Seattle Times obtained police body cam footage stemming from an April incident involving an intoxicated woman and Avalanche forward Valeri Nichushkin.
Seattle PD muted the audio at several key moments that could detail more of Nichushkin's involvement in the whole ordeal
Police say a man shot his ex-girlfriend and his mother, who is from Owensboro, before shooting himself.