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Christina Aguilera showed off her physique in skin-tight black leggings as she left Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday.
Britney Spears and Kevin Federline met in 2004, tied the knot that year and filed for divorce in 2006. Together, they share sons Sean Preston and Jayden James.
Britney Spears has what insiders have described as a "bombshell" in her upcoming memoir, and multiple sources tell TMZ ... that bombshell is that Justin Timberlake got her pregnant and after some heart-wrenching discussions they agreed she would get an abortion.
It’s spooktober and you are legally obligated to get spoopy.Halloween is just around the corner and in between decorating your home with a scarecrow named Lewis, buying full-sized candy, and getting your probably last-minute costume together, take a break and get into some spooky memes.We’re predicting this Halloween there will be plenty of Barbies, Oppenheimers, and Britney Spears sword dancers at the haunted function. But if you really want to impress the homies, we suggest some of our favorite unhinged memes of the year like; “Not real” airplane lady, Shein sweatshop influencer, or Kevin James just being a dude. If you’re truly lazy, one cowboy hat and a poor financial decision are all you need to be Elon Musk this year.If all else fails, you can always be that guy that goes as themselves for Halloween. But at the very least, you can scroll down and have some Halloween-themed laughs to get into the spooky mood. 
This Morning has come under fire from angry ITV viewers after US entertainment reporter Sam Rubin said he fears we'll soon talking about pop legend Britney Spears in the "past tense"
Where does Britney’s marriage and divorce fit in with the pop star’s conservatorship?
The 41-year-old Grammy winner invited six of her 'favorite boys' to her friend's house on Saturday night
Britney Spears and her husband, Sam Asghari have separated after a nuclear argument that involves allegations of cheating ... TMZ has learned.