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Trea Turner thinks Jets fans should take a page out of Philadelphia’s playbook when it comes to Zach Wilson. 
On Wednesday, The Athletic updated the defensive stop rate rankings for the 2023 season. Stop rate is the percentage of a defense’s drives that end in punts, turnovers or a…
LSU HC Brian Kelly had good things to say about KJ Jefferson and the rest of the Arkansas football team on Wednesday.
The story wasn't supposed to go like this. And yet somehow it felt all too New York Jet-ish as a frenzied MetLife Stadium, fizzing with long-lost Super Bowl oomph, fell silent to the sight of Aaron Rodgers hitting the turf. Oh boy.
Wisconsin, Oregon and BYU among biggest risers as Michella Chester unveils her women's college volleyball Power 10 rankings after the season's opening weekend
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Vendredi, le Big 12 a étendu ses invitations à l'adhésion pour BYU, UCF, Cincinnati et Houston à...
***   J'ai été très heureux de lire les remarques prononcées par Jeffrey R. Holland lors de la conférence universitaire annuelle de BYU hier.
BYU President Kevin Worthen stopped by while the Cougar soccer team was training to deliver an inspiring message for the 2021 season.