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A total of 170,096 Luzerne County voters are registered to cast ballots in Tuesday’s primary that will determine which Democratic and Republican candidates advance to the November general election.
. "It's so politically transparent that I doubt it will hold up in the long term," Ben Ginsberg, one of the nation's most prominent Republican election lawyers, told CNN . . .
. . A bipartisan committee in Michigan's largest county unanimously endorsed its presidential results Tuesday night, a stunning reversal hours after Republicans temporarily banned testimony based on questionable allegations of voting irregularities in Detroit.. Wayne County Council of Canvassers initially bogged down 2-2 over whether to certify results, with two Democrats voting to ratify
. . Michigan's largest county reversed course and unanimously ratified the local presidential election results Tuesday night after Republicans banned for the first time.. . .
. . Wayne County, Michigan on Tuesday voted unanimously to ratify the county presidential election results before the deadline, a shocking turn of events after Republicans in House earlier blocked the same move..
The prospection committee carried out the day-to-day tasks of democracy, examining provisional and postal ballots