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An investigation has already heard that Celotex RS5000 Insulation Foam Board is misleadingly marketed as safe for use in buildings over 18 meters high.
The Communities Secretary - who is in charge of building safety - said it was `` extremely shocking to hear someone admit that the fire safety test was actually forged
The Pre-emptive Consumer Regulatory Authority has also suggested in the white paper on post-Grenville reforms
. . A former Celotex employee tells the investigation that he obtained consent to unethically dismissal.
. . Celotex's former assistant product manager told the investigation the company was dishonest when testing the Rs5000 insulation product.
Jonathan Roper says Celotex was "dishonest" in the second test of the foam panels after they failed the first test.
Celotex claiming former worker was "dishonest" by "over engineering" fire safety testing to achieve success