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Start your day with the latest weather news – Low pressure and tropical moisture moving across the Gulf of Mexico are raising the risk of tornadoes in the Sunshine State. The parched Southeast U.S. is welcoming the rain, however.
Tornado warnings were issued in parts of Florida on Wednesday afternoon as a Gulf Coast storm moves in.
Brace yourself for potential tornadoes and waterspouts in northern and central Florida on Thursday as a substantial amount of tropical moisture advances into the Southeast, ushering in a prolonged wet spell for multiple states in the drought-stricken region.
At least 30 counties issued evacuation orders ahead of the storm’s arrival.
As Hurricane Idalia moved near landfall, the National Weather Service expanded a Tornado Watch for more than two dozen Florida counties that now includes all of Central Florida. Brevard, Lake, Oran…
Gov. Ron DeSantis axed funding on Thursday for Central Florida projects to stop flooding during the next hurricane, strengthen government cybersecurity defenses, celebrate Black history and tackle …
Disney's CEO was aggressive in his defense of the company in its ongoing dispute with the state of Florida and Governor Ron DeSantis.
A large and "extremely dangerous" tornado was confirmed in Florida Thursday, as the tornado thread heads to Texas Friday.
After voiding Disney's final agreement with the Reedy Creek Improvement District, the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District Board of Supervisors voted to make it illegal for businesses within the district to exercise any COVID-19 preventative measures. At the start of the Wednesday meeting,