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In 2001, Drew Barrymore and Tom Green called for resigning after being married for less than a year. Today, almost 20 years later, Barrymore hosted the Canadian comedian as a guest on "The Drew Barrymore Show. "from Global, marking the first time the duo had seen each other in over 15 years She…
Drew Barrymore welcomed a 'wonderful, wonderful man' to his talk show Friday, her ex-husband Tom Green
The actress and comedian came face to face on Friday's episode of 'The Drew Barrymore Show'
Drew Barrymore roared like a screaming comet into the talk show universe Monday morning with The Drew Barrymore Show, which aired live in New York, where it’s taped. Wow. Wow! More like a speedball than a shot of espresso, The Drew Barrymore Show’s energy was certainly boundless, if somewhat alarming.
On the series premiere of The Drew Barrymore Show, host Drew Barrymore also received an epic surprise from her 50 First Dates co-star Adam Sandler.