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Former Labor Party leader Paul Keating urges Canberra not to unnecessarily provoke Beijing.
Australian governments and shareholders get rich from iron ore exports to China, while traders in other industries struggle to find alternative markets for their banned goods.
A teenager was stabbed in the stomach at a high school in west Sydney and police say they were questioning a 14-year-old school boy about the attack.
China said Thursday it had suspended an economic deal with Australia in an obvious response to Canberra's abolition of a Belt and Road Infrastructure Pact and threats to reverse a contract to lease Darwin Port to a Chinese company.
A US woman says she saw a "little dinosaur" in her garden over the weekend. Cristina Ryan from Florida told FOX 35 News that she saw the creature in the early hours of Saturday morning. As...
Hailing license issues are just the latest in a series of trade difficulties that arose from the war of words between Canberra and Beijing over the origin of the coronavirus a year ago.