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It was carried by a Long March 4C rocket and is the youngest in a record year of Chinese space launches.
Shortly before their successful re-entry after 90 days in space, the mission commander told his crew that “real gold does not fear fire”.
The value of the products and services supported by the BeiDou navigation system is growing by an average of 20 percent annually, according to Xinhua.
Adieu, Yuan Longping, `` père du riz hybride '', et celui qui a épuisé des millions de personnes de la famine
The agronomist was best known for developing the first hybrid rice varieties in the 1970s and was hailed as a national hero.
Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin says the Pentagon "has the ability to do many things, but we have no plan to shoot it down while we speak".
The regulator wants banks to offer loans to renewable energy developers to make up for a lack of government subsidies for the sector.
Yellow sand and dust are covering capital, reducing visibility and causing pollution indicators to skyrocket.