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Kristen Welker takes over 'Meet the Press' this Sunday, replacing longtime moderator Chuck Todd. Welker's NBC News colleagues tell PEOPLE why she's the right fit for the job.
In his final show as anchor of Meet the Press NOW, Chuck Todd reflects on how politics have changed in the last 9 years.
Kristen Welker’s tenure at NBC News’ venerable “Meet The Press” won’t start until September 17, but the network isn’t waiting to tell viewers about it. On Saturd…
Kristen Welker, the network’s chief White House correspondent, will take over hosting duties for the political affairs show
Chuck Todd, a mainstay in Washington as moderator of “Meet the Press,” will step down from the show in the coming months. NBC News’ co-chief White House correspondent Kristen Welker will take his place.
Chuck Todd says he's leaving “Meet the Press” after a tumultuous near-decade of moderating the NBC political panel show
Republican Governor Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) has officially filed the paperwork and is preparing to announce he's running for president despite front-runner Donald Trump clearly signaling a willingness to go scorched earth on him.