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New York will become the latest state to require flood risk disclosures in home sales under a new law signed by Gov. Kathy Hochul on Friday. It’s the latest indicator that even places considered relatively insulated from the climate crisis, like the U.S. Northeast, are increasingly feeling its impacts. The new law, which comes after […]
The highly polluting airshow should be a relic of the past as we face the climate crisis. Dear Seattle, it’s time to be as brave as a mother. There’s one topic intruding into our thoughts this summer: When will smoke season in Seattle begin? Can we plan fall birthday parties outdoors anymore? Are there enough toys
There’s been a lot of talk about air pollution lately and for good reason. Fossil fuel air pollution is responsible…
City is sinking approximately 1-2mm each year on average, worsening effects of sea level rise and flooding threat
Wildlife presenter urges people to join action on climate crisis during mass protest supported by more than 200 organisations