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The child is said to have been seriously injured and is in hospital after the crash on Beaver Island in Lake Michigan
Un vétéran de 106 ans a lancé le premier lancer lors d'un match de la Ligue majeure de baseball.
. . The governor of New York said on Monday, "My mother (inset) and two of my girls (leading lady) are coming. ". His comments sparked a backlash online and he was forced to announce a change in plans.
. . High winds hampered the Coast Guard's search for the Emmy Rose fishing vessel and its four crew members in an area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean about 20 miles northeast of Provincetown on Monday.
. . Gleb announced that his 14-year marriage to Elena Samodanova ended after he and Chrishell dropped out during week eight of the dance competition earlier this month.
. . The Coast Guard is looking for the crew members who were on the Emmy Rose when it sank about 22 miles northeast of Provincetown early Monday.