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WASHINGTON (AP) – La croissance des dépenses de consommation aux États-Unis a ralenti en juillet pour atteindre une modeste augmentation...
The Federal Reserve's preferred measure of inflation rose in July to its highest level since 1991, the Bureau of Economic Analysis said on Friday.
. . One of the most nifty and perhaps biggest hacks in over five years breached email systems in the treasury and commerce departments. Further violations are being investigated.
. . In an unusually crowded season, the Europa League, which resumes tonight with 26 group games, is a tricky balancing act for clubs battling for domestic glory. The English, Italian and Spanish leaders Tottenham, Real Sociedad and AC Milan as well as the Bundesliga high-flyer Bayer Leverkusen are already in Europe ...
The DOJ argued that Trump was acting in his capacity as a government employee when he said E Jean Carroll was lying and was motivated by money by claiming to have raped her
Throngs of voters faced long lines and coronavirus precautions at polling centers in four states on Friday to cast ballots in the 2020 election, describing their choice to vote early and in-person as necessary this year.
The Commerce Department announced that it was prohibiting downloads of WeChat and TikTok in U.S. app stores. Here’s what you need to know.