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CM – The Mars rover « Curiosity » captures a rare and breathtaking panorama

The Mars rover Curiosity was dispatched to the fourth planet from the sun - and closest to earth - on November 26, 2011.

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CM – NASA briefing on early Perseverance Mars rover science takes place on Wednesday

NASA has announced that it will hold a briefing next week on early scientific discoveries of the Perseverance Mars rover. The virtual media...

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CM – NASA shares a picture of curiosity as it drives up Mont Mercou

The Curiosity rover has long been conducting its scientific operations and exploring the surface of the red planet. NASA recently shared an aerial...

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World news – Perseverance Rover examines strange green rocks on Mars

A lot is happening on Mars right now. NASA currently has their Perseverance rover prepared to record some of the events that occurred...

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World news – La persévérance a trouvé un rocher étrange sur Mars que les scientifiques ne peuvent pas identifier

La NASA a partagé une image étrange d’un petit rocher sur Mars sur son compte Twitter. Ceci est actuellement étudié par Perseverance, le...

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World news – Sur Mars, l’incroyable selfie du Rover Curiosity devant le Mont Mercou

Le rover Curiosity, qui opère à la surface de Mars depuis 2012, a partagé cet incroyable selfie qu’il a pris devant le mont...