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Minute-by-minute report: Can Roberto De Zerbi’s side keep up their fine start to the season against Unai Emery’s men? Find out with Rob Smyth
People have been urged to come forward with information about dirt bikers, often wearing balaclavas, who have been frequenting the roads.
Elizabeth Tsurkov, who has Israeli and Russian citizenship, was abducted in March while doing research in Iraq “simply because she is Jewish and Israeli,” the two senators said.
Wildlife officials said a Colorado black bear died in a "horrific" way after its intestines began to decay from human garbage.
Multiple police departments are searching for nine juveniles who escaped from Abraxas Academy, a detention center, in Pa. Sunday night.
A suspect in police custody for committing a homicide escaped George Washington Hospital Wednesday afternoon, prompting students at nearby George Washington University to shelter in place.
Rescue divers recovered the woman's body from the submerged cabin of the overturned boat Sunday; her husband's body was found Monday, police say.
A gender reveal party turned deadly after a small plane nosedived and killed the pilot in front of cheering guests - who were oblivious to the tragedy that unfolded above their heads.
Silicon Valley's favourite philosophy, longtermism, has helped to frame the debate on artificial intelligence around the idea of human extinction.
A tornado warning has been issued for part of central Manitoba on Thursday.