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. . Houston Rockets striker Danuel House Jr. . began its media coverage on Wednesday with an apology to the organization and its fan base for its actions in the bubble. House was banned during the second round of the NBA playoffs after the league discovered he had violated the league's health and safety protocol by having an unauthorized guest in his hotel room. "First of all, I would like to apologize to my team, organization and owner for the mishap in the bubble," House told reporters, including Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle. "I'm focused, it's behind me, it's in the past. New year, new season and look forward to growth and expansion. "I also want to apologize to the fans. If you feel like I have let you down, please sincerely apologize to me Danuel House Jr. . , to all. "The NBA banned House for the remainder of the postseason. The league's investigation and the ban imposed paused him for Game 3-5 of the Rockets' matchup against. the Los Angeles Lakers. House was one of the best playoff players in Houston, averaging 11. 4 points when shooting 35. 8% from the depth over nine appearances.
. . Danuel House says he is "sincerely" sorry that he was booted from the NBA bubble in September. . . . When the Rockets player told reporters on Wednesday, the whole thing was a "mishap". ""
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Houston Rockets swingman Danuel House had a COVID-19 tester in his hotel room in the Walt Disney bubble for several hours, breaking NBA rules