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Donald Trump Jr.’s account on X was hacked early Wednesday, sending a series of offensive tweets — including a sickening one falsely announcing the death of his dad, former President Donald Trump. …
The former Danity Kane singer claimed Trump Jr. seemed “very comfortable” and “totally chill” in a place where “everybody was in a G-string or less.”
La correspondante de Fox News a déclenché des rumeurs de fiançailles lorsqu'elle a été vue portant une énorme bague en diamant à l'annulaire sur une photo qu'elle a publiée sur Instagram samedi.
The New York attorney general's office has summoned two children of former President Donald Trump to testify as part of its civil investigation into whether the Trump Organization has tampered with the values ​​of their property.
Navarro et son co-animateur Sunny Hostin avaient déjà été testés positifs juste avant que le talk-show ABC ne soit censé accueillir la vice-présidente Kamala Harris.
Les enquêteurs devraient faire appel à Michael Cohen pour examiner les preuves nouvellement découvertes.
The legislation would also increase contribution caps on IRA catch-up and expand the automatic registration of retirement plans.
In a CIA recruiting video to promote diversity at the US spy agency, conservatives fear that “wakefulness” has gone overboard.
The conference ends on Sunday, February 28, with Donald Trump's first public speech since leaving office