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. . European stocks continued their rally last week after a positive reading from Moderna Inc. A study of the coronavirus vaccine boosted risk appetite, while Spanish banks rallied deal activity.
. . New Orleans - As the Saints ride a six-game winning streak and sit atop NFC South, their resourcefulness and flexibility will be a test. . .
. . Les Detroit Pistons ont envoyé l'arrière arrière Bruce Brown aux Nets en échange du retrait du deuxième tour de 2021 et du Bosniaque Dznan Moussa.
. . The Pistons began Bruce Brown at the point guard nearly half of last season. But instead of putting Brown back on the wing, Detroit will trade him for the Nets.
. . The Detroit Pistons are said to be trading Bruce Brown to the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for Dzanan Moussa and the second round pick for 2021.