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La souveraine de 95 ans a pensé que son micro était éteint et a frappé les chefs d'Etat "qui parlent mais n'agissent pas" contre le réchauffement climatique.
Documents received by the nonprofit ProPublica show that the multi-billion dollar philanthropist paid 3.7% of his $ 1.9 billion income in 2018 and 1.3% for the 2014-2018 period
Big Oil suffered three unprecedented defeats on Wednesday as investors and climate activists, with shareholder votes and courts of law, pressed for much greater urgency to save the planet from climate catastrophe.
. . QUEEN ELIZABETH, 94, is a veteran of meeting and greeting people from all over the world and attending various events. This was not always the case, however, and experts have shared the vast differences between the queen and her husband during their early travels.
. . Paris Saint-Germain are waiting to find out the severity of Neymar's injury after the Brazilian star was sent off in the Ligue 1 game against Lyon.
. . Unsurprisingly, Washington-based Alex Smith - only for the second time since his trade against his former team in 2013 - had to deal with frustration and disappointment. He left the game towards the end of the first half on Sunday and did not return after an injury to his surgically repaired right leg.
Canberra Liberals appoint Elizabeth Lee as their new party leader, after former leader Alistair Coe chooses not to challenge ACT opposition leader