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This Thursday, the Great Shakeout will use the EAS to initiate an earthquake drill across Washington.
An Ex-Amish TikToker has revealed multiple Amish Church members have been shunned after the US emergency alert test went off.
The latest paranoia to grip online fringe communities is about FEMA supposedly sending harmful 5G signals to your phone
Don't worry if you hear alarm sounds coming from your radio, television, or mobile phone.
Beginning August 2, 2021, the National Weather Service will now trigger a wireless emergency alarm on mobile devices for thunderstorms with 80 mph wind and / or 2. 75 "(baseball size) hail. This means that wind turbines will now be triggered for all tornado warnings, some flash flood warnings and some severe thunderstorm warnings Weather-Related Wireless Emergency Alerts On August 11th at 1:20 pm CST, FEMA, in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission, will conduct a nationwide wind turbine test.
A father advocates the return of his two children after his car was stolen while delivering his DoorDash order in San Francisco's Pacific Heights neighborhood on Saturday night.