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Beijing's swift release of two Canadians held on trumped-up charges confirms that Xi Jinping is ready to bow to the level of a late Libyan dictator ...
A report summarizing what the US knows about "unidentified aerial phenomena" - better known as UFOs - is expected to be released on Friday
Les preuves disponibles à l'appui d'un étourdissant C.I.A. L’évaluation - dont l’inaction du président Donald J. Trump a suscité un tollé bipartisan - reste loin d’être une preuve définitive. WASHINGTON - L'administration Biden a averti jeudi le Kremlin...
. . According to official sources, a gruesome account of a Canadian being the executioner of the Islamic State in Syria, which was the subject of the New York Times podcast “Caliphate”, was fabricated. A review of the Times found no confirmation of his allegation of atrocities.
. . One of the most nifty and perhaps biggest hacks in over five years breached email systems in the treasury and commerce departments. Further violations are being investigated.
Iran and Russia have both obtained voter information, officials have warned, but there is no indication that the votes themselves were changed
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