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Amid a flurry of revelations around artificial intelligence and mounting concerns about its ethics, one student organization is working to show that the technology can do some good.
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said he would try to block any legislation on the floor: "I think the Chief Justice can address these issues, Congress should stay out of it."
The publication levels false charges about Supreme Court recusal, financial disclosures and a 2008 fishing trip.
You must admit, it would be boring if we all agreed on everything. Not only that, but it would also put people like me – commentators, columnists and most politicians –&nbs…
The Oversight chair revealed Wednesday that Biden family members, business associates or related companies received more than $10 million from companies run by foreign nationals. He showed no connection to Joe Biden.
The Republican senator is trying to support the Supreme Court justice amid mounting financial scandals. And, well, words do this post no justice.
Le 8 décembre, alors que la Commission de Discipline LFP n'avait pas encore rendu son jugement sur le match OL-OM (arrêté de (...) - Footmercato
« Il est important de vacciner les enfants et de bien surveiller cette vaccination », a déclaré le CCNE dans un communiqué au gouvernement.
Peut-on vacciner les enfants contre le Covid avant Noël ? L'ouverture à tous les 5-11 ans semble se clôturer ce vendredi suite à un avis favorable du comité d'éthique, mais le gouvernement devrait annoncer immédiatement d'autres mesures...