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. . A failure in the Mexican power grid resulted in 10. 3 million users without power for up to two hours on Monday, said the national electricity supplier (CFE). The National Center for Energy Control (CENACE) said the network had 7. 500 megawatts lost because "there is an imbalance between load and power generation". "" Automatic protection systems have been activated to minimize any major risk, "CENACE said in a tweet.
. . Design Mexico City / 12. 28. 2020 4:11:23 PM The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) reported that the blackout affected several cities in the country, mainly Mexico City and the state of Mexico 10. 3 million users due to low frequency throughout the national territory, caused by power plant sockets. The @ CFEmx reports
The government will proceed immediately with the US $75-million recovery of the bodies of 63 miners who perished in a coal mine in 2006.