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Following a poor pitch from Russell Wilson, leading to an interception by Budda Baker in the second quarter of Sunday Night Football, DK Metcalf made one of the games of the game With Baker rushing
Most seasons produce at least one 5-0 team This is not in itself remarkable If a team only had a 50% chance of winning in every game, they would still have a 3% chance of winning 5-0 This team would be
The Seattle Seahawks played the opossum for most of the game before jumping off the curb to eat away at the Vikings clashes in a 27-26 win
A bit of a sloppy half on offense Fold but don't break defense Seahawks still win 17-9 at halftime thanks to a great 24 second drill
It's week 4 of the 2020 NFL season and the Seattle Seahawks (3-0) are one of the league's remaining seven undefeated teams. Their 4-0 quest takes them to Southeast Florida against M
Good thing that the new stadium in Las Vegas is domed because it is still very hot in September. Did you know we’re getting a halftime performance from The Killers, by the way? It’s true. And no...