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TAM O’SHAUGHNESSY has a story that is out of this world – after spending 27 years as the partner of the third woman in space. But her incredible journey took her from the US Open to bio…
“Bisexual — with an open mind!” is how Brady explains his sexuality.
Wayne Brady comes out as pansexual and opens up to PEOPLE about his long road to self-discovery and how his daughter and ex-wife are showing him acceptance
Arrivé en Nouvelle-Zélande mercredi pour le début de la Coupe du monde féminine de football, Gianni Infantino a balayé les sujets qui entourent la compétition. Le président de la Fifa souhaite rester "positif" pendant le mois à venir.
The current backlash against queer and trans people, led by a vivified cultural right, may have come as a surprise to younger people who assumed their rights and protections wouldn’t backslide. For…
In his first interviews since leaving ITV and This Morning, presenter Phillip Schofield says he will "die sorry" and is "so deeply mortified".
Page says Mara was dating Max Minghella at the time, who was allegedly supportive of her exploring her feelings for Elliot.
He appeared in Off Broadway roles before starring on CBS as one of two young men who find adventure crossing the country in a Corvette convertible.