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L'attachée de presse de la Maison Blanche, Jen Psaki, n'a pas eu la vie facile, jusqu'à présent, malgré un corps de presse largement sympathique. Son principal problème semble être une réticence - ou peut-être une incapacité - à...
a federal watchdog investigates whether the Trump campaign violated federal law by using the White House on
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The US Special Advisor's office has opened an investigation into allegations that &'s use of the White House as a command center on election day violated federal law, Democratic Representative Bill Pascrell said Thursday. In a statement, Pascrell said the federal watchdog responded
U.S. watchdog will investigate whether President Donald Trump's campaign violated the law by using the White House as a center of electoral command
An investigation has been opened into allegations that the use of the White House by the Trump campaign as a command center on election day violated federal law, a senior Democrat said
The Trump campaign used offices in a building on the White House grounds as a command center - which may have violated federal law
President Donald Trump monitored election results in the living room of the White House residence on Tuesday, later speaking to some 200 supporters gathered in the East Room