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Florian Marco takes one of the biggest risks in the era of British closed boxing by fighting without his highly dedicated fans. Last year, the 28-year-old Albania welterweight was sold out
Rick Griffin has been involved in a number of huge storylines over the past two decades, from the tragic death of his son to his suffering from a cancer diagnosis.
For many Irish golfers, there is nothing in the sport that would beat winning the British Open in front of a local audience as Shane Lowry did last year at the Royal Portrush.
Matthew Tipton announced that he would not allow Portadown's performance to change depending on the opponent
Hulpe City viewers are devastated as show legend Rick Griffin left the show after a colossal 19 during the Tuesday episode after he finally wakes up from his coma
The Code Orange episode of Casualty, which finally aired on the BBC tonight, four months after its original air date, did not disappoint fans of the hospital drama