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. . Maya Sandhu, 48, is a former World Bank economist, who favors closer ties with the European Union.
. . Chisinau, Moldova - Maya Sandu, a former World Bank economist who favors closer ties with the European Union, won the presidential run-off to Moldova against. . .
. . Preliminary results show that the opposition candidate leads 57% of the vote over incumbent Igor Dodon with 44%.
. . L'ancienne première ministre pro-européenne Maya Sandhu a mené dimanche le second tour des élections présidentielles en Moldavie, devant le chef de l'Etat pro-russe sortant Igor Dodon après avoir compté plus de 90% des voix.. . Par 94. 97% de réduction. . .
. . Chisinau (Sputnik) - Former Prime Minister of Moldova Maya Sandhu is the winner of the presidential elections in Moldova after receiving 90 percent of the vote in. . .
. . A poll of opposition candidate Maya Sandhu, who favors closer ties with the European Union, has set her goal of defeating pro-Moscow incumbent Igor Dodon in the presidential run-off in Moldova on Sunday.. . The poll placed Sandhu 54th. 8% of the vote to 45. 2% are reluctant. A former international bank
Moldova to hold a second round of the presidential election after neither pro-Russian incumbent President Igor Dodon nor his pro-Western opponent Maia Sandu fail in the first round on November 1
Le candidat a créé la surprise en battant dimanche le candidat pro-russe Igor Dodon, suggérant un second tour serré le 15 novembre
Moldova's pro-European presidential challenger came from behind to secure a surprise lead on Monday against the outgoing pro-Russian leader, suggesting a tight second round later this month
CHISINAU (Sputnik) - The leader of the Action and Solidarity Party and former Prime Minister of Moldova, Maia Sandu, is running for the presidential election with