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Colony Ridge has rapidly and quietly grown to be 50 percent bigger than Manhattan. Let's make sure all the tourist guides hear about this.
Texas officials argue the barrier will help deter migrants from crossing into the US from Mexico.
The court found that Texas and Louisiana, the two states that brought the suit, lacked standing to challenge the administration's guidelines.
Former President Trump is returning to his calls to remove birthright citizenship, with his 2024 White House campaign announcing Tuesday he would seek to end it via executive order on his first day…
Mayotte, territoire français de l'océan Indien où se préparent des opérations de lutte contre l'immigration illégale et de destruction de bidonvilles, est le département le plus jeune et le plus pauvre de France, soumis à une importante pression migratoire. Des îles devenues un département français Mayotte est le seul territoire de l'archipel géographique des Comores qui, d'élections en référendums, s'est toujours prononcé pour son maintien au sein de la communauté française, jusqu'à devenir en mars 2011 le 101e département français et le cinquième département d'outre-mer
Taipei, March 29 (CNA) The Coast Guard Administration (CGA) found 16 bodies in offshore and coastal areas of western Taiwan during maritime operations conducted in March, the agency said in a statement issued Wednesday, noting that only two of the bodies have so far been confirmed as male Vietnamese nationals.