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. . Australia's former Governor General Michael Jeffery rose to be "Warrior King", but he never left his "humility" as a boy who grew up in the outback of WA.
. . Police have discovered a significant cannabis crop on the northern outskirts of Adelaide, and several people have been arrested.
. . Eight people were arrested for a large cannabis harvest in northern Adelaide. Police conducted a search of property in Buckland Park on Tuesday. . .
. . Eight people are arrested and detectives engaged in serious crime after police find a large drug crop north of Adelaide.
. . Director Zack Snyder reveals that he is working on remastering Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice to restore the IMAX aspect ratio.
. . A Labor backbencher, who successfully passed cannabis legalization laws in Canberra last year, plans to move ahead with the decriminalization of all illicit drugs in 2021.
Due to the current health crisis caused by the novel coronavirus, all sporting and cultural events in the Philippines are banned, even
Filipino policeman killed in raid to interrupt cockfight One of the poultry accidentally severed his femoral artery with the razor tied to his leg, causing massive blood loss Cockfights are planned as illegal in the country since the pandemic, disclose Vice this 28…
A quick nap can really reinvigorate you for the rest of the day. But we don’t generally recommend taking said nap behind the wheel of a car. Well, try telling that to a 20-year-old Tesla driver in Canada who recently fell asleep while his car was on autopilot – at 93 miles per hour.