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The latest published market study on the Global Electric Scooter and Quadricycle Market provides an overview of the current market dynamics in the electric scooter and quadricycle space, as well as the forecasts of our survey participants of all outsourcing decision makers for the market ...
. . Mars announced that it will acquire Kind North America, the manufacturer of Kind Bars, in an effort to expand the partnership that began three years ago..
. . Mars Inc.. The original M&M candy maker and Benâ Rice have agreed to purchase the Kind North America snack maker.
. . Candy, the candy giant, will purchase Kind North America, which is focused on healthy snacks.
Mars Food, maker of Uncle Ben's rice brand, has revealed a new name for the product following an outcry from buyers
Mars to drop image of black farmer from rice brand, recognising it is ‘out of step with the times’
UNCLE Ben’s branding will be ditched from rice packets and renamed over claims of racial stereotyping. The iconic family favourite will now be called Ben’s Original when the new packaging hits the …