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. . Check out our college football betting guide from Reed Wallach with odds, picks, and predictions for Saturday's Big 12 match between TCU and West Virginia.
. . Kylian Mbappà © was excluded from France's Nations League match against Portugal, depriving the Paris Saint-Germain striker of the opportunity to face Cristiano Ronaldo. Kylian Mbappe was excluded from France's Nations League match with Portugal at Studio da Luz on Saturday. Paris Saint-Germain. . .
. . North Carolina and Wake Forest are competing for state bragging rights on Saturday.
. . Warning: The story contains graphic language WASHINGTON, D.. C. - The situation was tense at Black Lives Matter Plaza the day before the "Trump March" gathering, which was scheduled to begin
. . Trump supporters are organizing events across the country, including a major MAGA parade in the US capital, which is expected to host a large number of attendees.. .
. . Kylian Mbappe will be excluded from France's match with Portugal this evening due to injury, according to B24.